Now that you’re already noodling around online and have landed on, what more is there to do? More noodling around, of course! So go ahead, allow yourself to explore your way around the rabbit hole – the beer-themed rabbit hole – with this six-pack of essential sites for the beer connoisseur. – According to, Beer Advocate is the brewski world's leader in terms of Twitter dominance; as of this writing, over 553,000 follow the Advocate on the platform. And no wonder: Beer Advocate is a font of fun and information virtually hourly with brewery profiles, product reviews, industry news, recipes for food that goes well with beer, recipes for food that is prepared with beer, open forums and even opinion columns. Really fantastic stuff here. – The fortune-cookie length review of this website goes something like “Find craft beer near you” and, well, no longer writeup could be more descriptive. Sort of an app before apps were commonplace (you bet there are Beer Menus apps for Android and iOS), Beer Menus guarantees the finding of great beer to your liking as close as possible. Like all good product-search services, Beer Menus provides maps and lots more information. The 4.7-star rating in the App Store is highly impressive for a top-200 app. – A seriously minimalist website for the Pump Clip Museum, a one-man operation in Birmingham with thousands of beer clips on display. Though the site could really use a professional do-over, the long-ass pages with hundreds of pictures of pump clips is a beer lover’s porn. – A mostly no-frills but extremely powerful website, Rate Beer has essentially one function: To serve as the Rotten Tomatoes of the beer enthusiast community – and whoa, does it perform this function well. Tens of thousands have weighed in on innumerable quaffs. The truth is if you can’t find a beer on this site, you probably just made it up. (Incidentally, among the Bazens’ Brewery beers – all now marked as “retired” – listed on the site, the Knoll Street Porter received the highest score of 77. – As this writer's favorite American craft beer, Samuel Adams gets a plug on this page. is an above-average PR-weighted website, very slick looking and includes a decent blog updated at least once a wee. We'd like to see more historical stuff on this website, though: You know, stories from the good ol' colonial days like when Sammy got a bunch of merchant colonists totally obliterated and then convinced them to put on war paint and go ravage the British supply ships in the harbor. A funny guy was that Sam Adams, brewer, patriot... –Do you like to talk (well, chat)? Do you like beer? Great! Head on over to Talk Beer, a community forum for … well, “’craft beer news, info, and discussion” as the website itself would have it. One interesting outgrowth of Talk Beer is the development of an informal trading network, with aficionados sending microbrews across North America in exchange for unattainable regional goodies. And quite a few of the threads are bloody hilarious!